In November we had the great pleasure of working with Crown Royal on their Manitoba Media Tour. A three day event held at various locations throughout Winnipeg. They really wanted to showcase the history of Crown Royal and the story behind the whisky to various media reps from all across Canada and the US. The first blended bottle of Crown Royal was presented to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to commemorate the first grand tour of Canada in 1939 – they wanted to have a royal feel to the event while showcasing the history and their new media campaign.

Day One: Guests were treated to a royal welcome with a reception held at The Fort Garry Hotel. Guests enjoyed custom cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Keeping with the royal theme, they were also given custom imperial cookies from High Tea Bakery, which were also baked for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

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Venue  The Fort Garry Hotel  |  Photography  Jeremy Dueck Photography

Flowers & Decor  Little Flower Shop | Linens  Planned Perfectly

Custom Cookies  High Tea Bakery | Mixologist  Joel Baker

Stationery  Karta House

Day Two: To further showcase the history of Crown Royal and the trip that the first bottle took by train with the King and Queen, the ideal location was Resto Gare, or “The Train Restaurant” in St. Boniface which is a refurbished train station and train car. Guests enjoyed a guided whisky tasting, french cuisine, and viewed the new marketing and commercial for Crown Royal.

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Venue  Resto Gare & Train Bar |  Photography  Jeremy Dueck Photography

Flowers & Decor  Little Flower Shop | Linens and Chairs  Planned Perfectly

Lounge Furniture  Swank Event Rentals | Mixologist  Joel Baker

Stationery  Karta House

Day Three: Crown Royal is bottled at the Diageo plant in Gimli, so for the farewell dinner, they wanted to showcase Crown Royal’s pure ingredients and really play up the rustic aspect of Manitoba. Peasant Cookery was the perfect venue for this event. Guests again enjoyed a gourmet meal, a guided whisky tasting, the sounds of Sweet Alibi, as well as a hands on custom cocktail workshop.

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Venue Peasant Cookery |  Photography Jeremy Dueck Photography

Flowers & Decor Little Flower Shop | Linens Planned Perfectly

Band Sweet Alibi | Mixologist Joel Baker

Stationery  Karta House