The 2018 wedding season here in Manitoba has been one for the record books. Heat wave after heat wave has had me sweating through many weddings this summer. Even though you can’t avoid the heat completely on a wedding day, there are a few things you can do to stay cool and comfortable.

Here are my stay cool wedding tips for our hot hot hot Winnipeg summers.

Avoid the heat as much as possible.

The key to beating the heat on your wedding day is to avoid it as much as possible in the first place. Choose a venue for your ceremony and reception that are indoors and airconditioned. If you are having a tented wedding reception, ask the tent company about portable air conditioners and fans. They can help take the edge off of a hot day. When it comes to your wedding photos, have an indoor option booked like a studio or historic building to give everyone a break from the heat.

winnipeg wedding

Photo by Josh Dookhie Photography

Drink tons of water.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. I can’t say this enough. You have to stay hydrated on these sweltering days (and no, champagne and beer are not the same, but nice try lol). Make sure to have plenty of water available for everyone in the wedding party. You don’t want anyone becoming dehydrated – headaches and dizziness are not welcome on a wedding day – not fun!

Choose the right clothing.

It’s impossible to avoid the heat entirely, but there are ways to make yourself more comfortable. Choose a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses that are light and expose your shoulders and arms. Going sans suit jackets for the groom and groomsmen will also make a huge difference for the guys. No one wants to wear a jacket in this heat! Another tip is to have the guys get two shirts – this way if they sweat through their shirt they can change into a fresh one for the reception.

Keep your guests comfortable.

Your guest’s comfort should be your number one priority on your wedding day – especially if your wedding day lands in the middle of a heat wave. Providing hand fans, cool beverages, and keeping anything outdoors short and sweet will ensure your guests don’t melt in the hot sun.

winnipeg wedding

Photo by Kamp Photography

Sweat-proof your makeup.

Your make-up artist can sweatproof your makeup to ensure you and your girls stay fresh the entire day. Using a primer before application and applying facial mist throughout the day will keep your makeup from disappearing in heat and humidity. Ask your makeup artist for samples so that you can apply touchups throughout the day as needed.